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i3 Consult has been operating its global, premier, affordable, Value Chain Analysis Services since 2002 to enable from small-capital to established healthcare, pharma or life science companies to derive greater profit margins, optimise their position in the market, and to maximise their product revenue streams by identifying cost effective value chain linkages both within the client’s organisation and externally with key players in the market. For the Pharma client we cross examine your organisation’s profile in operational areas of Drug Recovery, Drug Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales & Marketing and using the following software capabilities, propose the implementations needed:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) technology to discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimise, and automate business processes within your organisation.
  • Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams to visualise the design of a new system in your organisation.
  • Create and assess workflow charts, organisation charts, mind maps, project charts, network diagrams, wireframes, UI mockups and more.

We can screen any of the 4Ps of the healthcare system – Provider, Pharma, Payer or Patient to identify a new chain of value whereby healthcare services’ value will provide the best treatment at the minimal cost. We can also identify key activities within your organisation (e.g. bulk material procurement for Pharma) and around (e.g. raising pharmaceutical sales levels via innovative web based interfaces for Provider) and identify them with the competitive strength of your healthcare product or service.

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At i3 Consult, we provide premium strategic marketing, financial and operational management solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science organisations Our core team of experts & our 200,000+ network bring innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and game changing services to healthcare, pharma & life science.

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