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i3 Consult has been operating its global, premier, affordable, innovative Strategic Marketing Services since 2002 to enable from small-capital to established healthcare, pharma or life science companies to launch their GTM campaigns, grow their products in new market niches, and to maximise their product revenue streams through cost effective marketing strategies with the following service package features.

  • Our search and lead list building capabilities will identify leads that can monitor any of the 4Ps of the healthcare sector 24×7 to provide the most current and active list of prospects from a database of 120 million business records and analytics deriving immediate and executable follow up steps.
  • Our Generating Revenue tool assists in attracting, converting and closing leads with any Decision Making Unit (DMU) across all the 4Ps of the healthcare industry using website visitor tracking, deciphering lead information during Webinars and keeping the communication momentum with a potential lead channel.
  • Specifically for Payer, Pharma and Provider sectors for healthcare, we refine the best prospects based on geographical location, organisation size, organisation revenue, position title and function by using one of the most comprehensive B2B contact database.
  • Full-service provider with 5000+ professional network in all therapeutic areas.

Using Google Analytics and our in-house software analytics we can scrutinise and provide premium strategic marketing solutions at a very affordable price on any of the so-called “4Ps” sectors of the healthcare business space – Provider e.g. hospital, clinic or clinical trial site, Pharma e.g. pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences entities who design and make new medicines, Payer e.g. insurance and government schemes which cover the costs of medicines and of course Patients, who have become the most important component in this patient centric market driven by healthcare outcomes. The table shown is an interview questionnaire grid which we use as a basis for formulating a cost-effective strategic marketing package for our clients and this plays a big factor in us acquiring repeat business for this service capability.

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At i3 Consult, we provide premium strategic marketing, financial and operational management solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science organisations Our core team of experts & our 200,000+ network bring innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and game changing services to healthcare, pharma & life science.

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