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Partnerships of Excellence

i3 Consult is endowed with a broad range and depth of in-house skills with specialist expertise consolidated from a stringent selection of outsourced associates. We are therefore undeniably very finicky about who we partner with as healthcare, pharmaceutical or life science partners. Nonetheless we are confident that our solutions remain results deliverable, practical and success critical for our clients. 

i3 Consult is a small, yet dynamic, growing organization committed to the success of its clients. We are passionate about the work we do and believe that our core values of quality, integrity, teamwork and focus have shaped the culture of i3 Consult and have been a guiding principle of how we operate and make decisions. We are uncompromising in the high standard of quality in our services and deliverables, believe strongly in the teamwork approach with an unwavering focus when dealing with our customers, associates and partners, thus striving to ensure all parties are satisfied.


COVID 19 has significantly impacted venture funding in the life sciences space. While there are large deals being done at the late stage (Series C, D, etc), there are relatively few deals being done at the seed/ series A/B round funding stages.

BioPitch.live’s goal is to help early-stage life science entrepreneurs raise the capital that they need for their drug development efforts. With that in mind, we are starting a weekly webinar series where we let three early-stage startups present their company in a pitch session. This will be held on Fridays at 7am PST (SF) // 10am NYC // 3pm London // 4pm Paris time. These webinars are free both for the presenting companies and the attendees.

If you are a concept, seed, or a series A/B startup that is interested in raising funds, please send us your pitch deck to info@biopitch.live.

The meetings will be hosted on this Linkedin platform to assure maximum coverage for your startup. We will also invite all early-stage startup investors for this meet up. Besides funding, you can use this opportunity to explore partnerships with larger pharma’s, hire employees, or network with other life science founders. #startups #funding #pharma #lifesciences

For more information on BioPitch.Live click here.

ACE Consortium

A group of handpicked CROs allows to take advantage of geographical or indication-related specialization, without the disadvantages of big full-service CROs.

Both, small and large studies, can be performed with the highest possible level of flexibility, within the shortest time frame, at the most competitive costs, but without compromising on data quality.

Clinical Development & Medical Affairs​

As part of our service strategy to become a “one-stop shop” from clinical development, clinical trial management all the way through to post-launch marketing management stages, we are closely working in partnership with Manolo Beelke & Partners based on a unique synergistic model in which Medical and Marketing strategies are co-developed together hand in hand. Manolo Beelke and Partners is a strategy and operational consultancy within Clinical Development and Medical Affairs. We would like to become the preferred partner in the healthcare and pharmaceutical consultancy space, characterized by a higher level of flexibility, offering strategic consultancy and operational execution of the clinical trials needed at a lower cost than full service CROs would be able to do, with at least the same quality and within at least the same timelines. The cost reductions is achieved through an increase in efficiency and effectiveness right from the beginning of the earliest stages of clinical development up to late stage of life cycle management. For more information on their services, please visit manolobeelke.com

Emerging Market Access

We have formed an affiliate partnership with Cipher Ground (www.cipherground.org) because it is an expert in Chinese regulations and its market challenges and opportunities. China of course poses one of the biggest opportunities as an emerging healthcare market. Cipher Ground leverages its government, investor and technology and scientific talent pool for promoting healthcare business innovation in China. As quoted from their selling space, their acronym “CIPHER” has a specific function within their organisation as follows:

  • Cipher Fund: Cipher Ground welcomes global LPs to invest our Cipher Fund for the health of humanity.
  • Investment: Cipher Ground invests our subsidiary companies and global innovate companies in life sciences sector.
  • Propagation: Cipher Ground increases awareness of government, media, investors, talents and collaborators through Cipher Review (e.g. reports, newsletters), conferences, seminars, professional training, field trip, etc.
  • Headhunting: Cipher Ground provides specialized search for industry-leading talents within our 11,000+ talent network. We have successfully serviced Top global pharma companies within 90 days.
  • Education: Cipher Ground provides life sciences education, including project or patent consulting, novel drug design and discovery, clinical research management and R & D center/park design.
  • Recommendation: Cipher Ground recommends novel life sciences patents or projects with potential market values.