i3 Consult Publish a Timely Mini-White Paper – A Better Approach to Life Science

Executive management of life science companies with their product candidates going through exploratory research or undergoing clinical development bear the mantra “how can we get better drugs to the market faster?” Despite the explosion of ML and AI software applications being available to deal with this problem, the status quo remains – there is no Holy Grail to solve this in the most cost-effective way. This is why i3 Consult are publishing here their mini-white paper entitled “A Better Approach to Life Science” which outlines how we devise a strategic roadmap to accelerate pipeline portfolios, optimize operational integration and minimize costs of getting drugs to the market using our trilogy of analytical tools – Cost Reduction Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis and Value Chain Analysis. For further details, contact: wallace.macindoe@i3consult.com or visit our i3 Services page.

Click here to view a copy of the White Paper.