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From day one, i3 Consult has been committed to delivering added value and accountable results to our clients. The sample projects given here are just some of the examples of how we have successfully met this commitment.

Business and Digital Transformations for a Hospital to Improve Patient Engagement – A Case Study

As the healthcare industry moves to a more value-focused approach, hospital and healthcare organisations are being challenged to improve healthcare quality while also becoming more efficient in their service outcomes. Ehealth and its technological advances are providing hospitals the solutions and means to navigating healthcare’s shifting landscape. However, prior to the hospital integrating a new technology, it is important for them to first define the problem in relation to the service provision issue they are trying to solve.

Here we highlight the case study of a hospital who was challenged by year-on-year reduction in patient enrolments as well as poor retention in follow-up visits by patients. The hospital CEO cited a steady upward trend in payments for health insurance premiums as well as considerable government cuts in subsidising hospital fees, which culminated in the hospital making a record loss in its annual financial reporting.Click here to read more on this.

Source: Adopted to Michael E. Porter Value Chain model to the hospital. The Primary processes are activities devoted to care patients. The Support processes support primary activities by providing human, technical and material resources. Figure 1: An Analysis of a Hospital Value Chain

Analysing a Biotechnology Company for its Innovation, Strategy and Technological Value

At i3 Consult we have been successful in ensuring that a biotechnology client of ours retained a significant portion of funds upon initiating their highly successful IPO. Our client was a university based incubator company preparing for its IPO. In order to do this, they needed a comprehensive evaluation of the protein biomarker marketplace, including sales trends, competitive activity, client needs analysis and analogous case studies of competitors. i3 Consult provided a final valuation of investment funding, business angels and contingency VC funding. This begs the question, how was this possible?

Click here to read our outlined approach to the project.

(Source: A.T. Kearney analysis) Figure 1: Biotech Value Chain Analysis

Pharmaceutical Repackaging – A Growth Market in Patient – centric Healthcare

Pharmaceutical repackaging has become a growth market amidst an increasingly patient-centric healthcare market for a number of reasons: to fit with the dosage and formulation needs of different patient groups; to reduce treatment administration errors associated with doses in liquid form at the point of patient care; to eliminate residual quantities of addictive prescription medicines; to improve patient compliance by resizing or reformulating in more convenient dosages; or for improved convenience to the healthcare practitioner by changing the method of administering to a patient; and lastly but certainly not the least is the importance of reducing cost. In some cases, however, the market opportunities for repackaging are less clear. By conducting interviews and online surveys with the 4Ps (Patients, Providers – Drs., nurses etc., Payors – health insurance providers and Pharma – supplier of primary packaging material) of the healthcare sector, i3 Consult can achieve a 360o perspective on the pain points and opportunities for establishing a USP (unique selling point) in your pharma repackaging space.

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Case Study: Structure, Function, Roles and Responsibilities for a Small Cap Medical Device Company

The Challenges: For a fast-growing medical device company having a global presence, there are challenges both internal and external to the organization. Being responsive to the regulatory, quality and safety issues, across multiple global markets can be overwhelming to the executives of a small cap medical device company. Internally medical device company executives are held accountable to reach certain milestones set by Director of the Board (e.g. study completion, licensing approval in key markets, publication of proof of concept data, sales turnover targets, to name just a few) and/or are tasked to deal with company-wide issues which may be either technical, regulatory, or business related. Outsourcing to a consultant with vertical knowledge in a specific functional area is a standard approach in systematically trying to meet the milestones set or deal with the issues faced. Often however, faced with the challenges of trying to integrate this consultancy-based decision making, using the so-called compartmentalized approach, results in milestone shortfalls, critical success issues being only partly resolved or remaining unresolved, protracted timelines, and overspending of the corporate budget.

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Figure 1: Organizational Structure of a Medical Device Company

e-Health Portal Launch

i3 Consult worked with a medical communications company to assist in the launch of a major patient healthcare portal. Based on an extensive survey, we looked at trends in this highly competitive market, analyzed instances of retaining patient hit rates and identified performance gaps according to our survey results. Key findings revealed that it is success critical that e-health portals for patients are given an adequate balance of current general news and topical events against the core information of patient health and care.

Pharmacovigilance : Challenges & Opportunities

The competitiveness of drug development has been the impetus for new and accelerated regulatory pathways. While the growing patient-centric healthcare market coupled with a vested interest in safety information from a range of governmental and regulatory stakeholders has driven pharmacovigilance to reach a new paradigm in drug development. The consequence of which has led to tighter post-marketing surveillance systems on the global scale and a rapidly expanding volume of reported safety events impelling the industry to adopt new strategies to managing pharmacovigilance throughout the product lifecycle. In view of all these changes, it is timely to provide an overview on the concept of Pharmacovigilance, and here i3 Consult has published in this Slide Share, some key topics on Pharmacovigilance such as Signal Detection, Detection Management, Risk Management and Risk Reduction Strategies. At i3 Consult, our core team of experts & our 200,000+ network bring innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and game changing services to healthcare, pharma & life science.

Other Milestone Projects with Global Pharma

  • Gaining regulatory approval of a mobile ECG device worldwide.
  • Reporting on African healthcare issues.
  • Monitoring business performance for global pharma.

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