i3 Consult Releases New Clinical Trial Reports Featuring Growth Market Share Matrixing

i3 Consult is releasing a new series of Clinical Trial Reports of unique market intelligence content called Growth Market Share Matrixing. Under this new added value format, investors, pharma product managers, healthcare providers, pharmacists and regulatory stakeholders will gain insight into the projected market share of drug candidates as they undergo clinical trial development. The first report of this publication series is a summarised report of new drug therapies that were in clinical trials worldwide by the following companies: Odyssey Group International, Monopar Therapeutics, Daré Bioscience, Zenith Epigenetics, Newsoara BioPharma, Astellas Pharma, Bayer, HutchMed, Tarsier Pharma and Vicore Pharma. To purchase this pharma business intelligence report of affordable value (€79.99), visit our i3 Shop.