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i3 Consult has been operating its global, premier, affordable, innovative Life Cycle Analysis Services since 2002 to enable from small-capital to established healthcare, pharma or life science companies to meet their regulatory obligations yet maximize their product portfolio yield with the following service package features.

  • Full-service provider with 5000+ professional network in all therapeutic areas.
  • Competitive “ear-to-ground” regional market solutions.
  • Choice of leading drug safety databases.
  • Working relationships with regulatory experts and key opinion leaders.

Whether your launch has just gained regulatory approval or you’re seeking to extend an existing therapeutic line, we will assess whether your chosen market and operational strategy is appropriate given the stage of the medicine’s lifecycle. Your product may be either at the introductory stage i.e. just fresh on the market from regulatory approval, or at the growth stage i.e. enjoying a revenue surge from new patient awareness and buy-in, or at the mature stage i.e reaping the rewards of brand recognition and competitiveness over other therapeutic class medicines or finally at the decline stage i.e. has reached patent expiry with lower cost generics gaining ground and therefore we need to compare and give a critical appraisal of its market performance with those of competitors in the same therapeutic class and advise on the corrective action necessary.

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At i3 Consult, we provide premium strategic marketing, financial and operational management solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science organisations Our core team of experts & our 200,000+ network bring innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and game changing services to healthcare, pharma & life science.

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