i3 Consult Expands its Digital Services for that Unique and Valuable CRM Experience

In follow up to the recent addition of new services to our i3 Services boutique, namely our CTR Reporting Services and i3 Designs Services (see www.i3consult.com/i3services/), i3 Consult is proud to announce that it has developed several in-house digital capabilities for the purpose of making our client’s CRM experience with us an unique and valuable one and these are detailed as follows:

Our Strategic Marketing Services

  • Our search and lead list building capabilities will identify leads that can monitor any of the 4Ps (Provider, Pharma, Payer and Patient) of the healthcare sector 24×7 to provide the most current and active list of prospects from a database of 120 million business records and analytics deriving immediate and executable follow up steps.
  • Our Generating Revenue tool assists in attracting, converting and closing leads with any Decision Making Unit (DMU) across all the 4Ps of the healthcare industry using website visitor tracking, deciphering lead information during Webinars and keeping the communication momentum with a potential lead channel.
  • Specifically for Payer, Pharma and Provider sectors for healthcare, we refine the best prospects based on geographical location, organisation size, organisation revenue, position title and function by using one of the most comprehensive B2B contact database.
  • We can create the perfect email tailored specifically to your 4P healthcare target audience, automate when to send such emails to your contacts, direct website target visitors to a customised landing page as well as create tailor made surveys to identify what your target audience most care about.
  • We can distribute news announcements and promotion content across multiple online channels depending on your 4P healthcare communication objective. We can deliver your story to thousands of websites, industry-specific journalists and bloggers, search engines and across social media networks based on your target healthcare audience.
  • At no extra cost, we can provide share buttons and follow buttons for social media accounts; provide plugins enabling Website analytics, Link promotions and Mailing List buildings.
  • Also at no extra cost, we can raise the interaction level of your Twitter account with any of the 4P sectors based on the segmentation of your follower base.

Our Value Chain Analysis

For the Pharma client we cross examine your organisation’s profile in operational areas of Drug Recovery, Drug Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales & Marketing and using the following software capabilities and propose the implementations needed:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) technology to discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimise, and automate business processes within your organisation.
  • Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams to visualise the design of a new system in your organisation.
  • Create and assess workflow charts, organisation charts, mind maps, project charts, network diagrams, wireframes, UI mockups and more.

Our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

We can implement a very affordable LCA solution requiring zero maintenance but fully of your ownership making it the ideal and ongoing solution covering all the PESTLE (Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) Factors affecting the life cycle of your product or service in the healthcare industry. The software tool is capable of the following features:

  • Existing database licenses in Open Source
  • Exporting and importing capabilities
  • HTML Reporting
  • Sharing of LCA models with your own client base
  • LCA Review capability which is also shareable with clients

For a complete overview of i3 Consult’s services, please download our latest company brochure from this link.

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