i3 Consult: Using block chain technology in clinical trials to better help our clients.

Reproducibility, data sharing, personal data privacy concerns and patient enrolment are some of the challenges being faced in clinical trials. At i3 Consult we use block chain technology to help our clients address these challenges. Our block chain technology will help in the collection, storage and processing of clinical trial data in a secure and distributed manner. Specific subjects or patients are given control over who should access their medical information stored in the block chain ledger and so privacy is maintained at their own discretion. We also incorporate block chain technology in the patient enrolment process where patient consent is collected in a more authentic and secure way. By using block chain technology we eliminate the need to record the same data separately and thus eradicating the inadvertent errors that occur due to the need to capture duplicate records which are redundant. With the decentralized nature of block chain technology, we aim to improve transparency, security and produce better quality data.

At i3 Consult, we strongly believe block chain technology can significantly improve pharmaceutical research and development, by assuring the integrity and transparency of clinical evidence, and also by offering advanced solutions for managing identities and data access.

So get in touch with us today to learn more about this and how we can better help you conduct your clinical trials.

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