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i3 Consult has been operating its global, premier, affordable, i3 Framework Services since 2002 to enable from small-capital to established healthcare, pharma or life science companies to derive greater sales growth and relative market share through a matrix analysis approach in terms of:

  • Business acquisition methods, e.g. M&As, strategic alliances or a MBO.
  • Directions of product/service in the market, i.e. develop existing/related/unrelated product or service or withdraw.
  • Management style change to focus on either R&D competencies, technology linkages or drug pipeline portfolio.

Different countries have different pharmacoeconomic systems for evaluating the efficient use of healthcare resources, here we clarify the profitability of your chosen market through frameworks such as Porter’s Five Forces, McKinsey’s 7Ss, BCG Analysis, Strategic Clocking and other in-house models.

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At i3 Consult, we provide premium strategic marketing, financial and operational management solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science organisations Our core team of experts & our 200,000+ network bring innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and game changing services to healthcare, pharma & life science.

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