Pharmacovigilance : Challenges & Opportunities

The competitiveness of drug development has been the impetus for new and accelerated regulatory pathways. While the growing patient-centric healthcare market coupled with a vested interest in safety information from a range of governmental and regulatory stakeholders has driven pharmacovigilance to reach a new paradigm in drug development. The consequence of which has led to tighter post-marketing surveillance systems on the global scale and a rapidly expanding volume of reported safety events impelling the industry to adopt new strategies to managing pharmacovigilance throughout the product lifecycle. In view of all these changes, it is timely to provide an overview on the concept of Pharmacovigilance, and here i3 Consult has published in this Slide Share, some key topics on Pharmacovigilance such as Signal Detection, Detection Management, Risk Management and Risk Reduction Strategies. At i3 Consult, our core team of experts & our 200,000+ network bring innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and game changing services to healthcare, pharma & life science, for more details, visit

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