New i3 Consult Video

i3 Consult is proud to announce the promotion of its new premium strategic marketing, financial and operational management solutions package for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science organisations via the release of its You Tube video, Friday 9th November at i3 Consult’s unique portfolio of premium services is derived from a core team of experts and is further consolidated by their 200000+ strong network bringing innovative ideas, cost effective solutions and services to healthcare, pharma and the life sciences. View i3 Consult’s You Tube video today and find out more about the new ways they are helping clients access data, gain success critical insights, with the leverage of advanced analytics, design capabilities, and a range of game changing software solutions. Furthermore from this new video release, viewers can find out more about the new information services which i3 Consult is providing, such as the i3 CTR page – a summarised reporting of new drug therapies currently in clinical trials worldwide on a weekly basis as well the i3 QoW page, an unique and extraordinary collection of Quotes of the Week (QoW) posted on i3 Consult’s social media presence from eminent physicians and key opinion leaders in healthcare. The new video also highlights the importance of its strategic partnerships with iClinical, Cipher Ground and the ACE Consortium.