Launch of Our i3 QoW Page

i3 Consult is proud to announce the launch of its i3 QoW Web page – This Web content is based on an extraordinary collection of more than a year of Quotes of the Week (QoW) posted on i3 Consult’s social media presence from eminent physicians and key opinion leaders in healthcare. i3 Consult offers you here one of the most significant and unique digital collections of quotes from famous medics and the professional likes throughout the ages of medicine. The galleries reveal personal stories and their famous quotes reflecting on the development and transformation of healthcare at their time of writing. We hope you enjoy this unique step back in time on the history of medicine. We will continue to provide our quotes of the week with a focus on providing quotes from famous medics and allied key opinion leaders in healthcare which ultimately will reflect a timeline in the entire history of medicine.

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Best regards,
Dr. Wallace Macindoe,
CEO & Founder of i3 Consult.
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