i3 Consult to Expand It’s CTR Reporting for Observational Studies in Pre-Approval and Post Marketing for Mobile OS Application

Back in December last year i3 Consult launched its CTR Reporting Services for Observational Studies . Just to re-iterate the unique selling point of these services, i3 Consult through its weekly clinical trial reports (CTR) on new drug therapies currently in clinical trials worldwide, we are seeking to use our CTR database as real world evidence in helping our clients to address the following critical success issues:

  • Is the research sufficiently patient-focused?
  • Have sufficient observational studies been used in the pre-approval and post market stages?
  • Are there further opportunities for observational study data to save you time and money in your current clinical trial investigation?
  • How observational studies can make a viable alternative to clinical trials or bridging studies.
  • To identify stakeholders and determine what kind of observational research data is needed.

At i3 Consult we believe that Mobile OS applications can be harnessed in clinical trials to identify blind spots and moreover address novel clinical endpoints that would have been impractical or intractable based on previous modes of clinical trial reporting. Mobile OS Application derived observational studies particularly at the pre-approval or even post marketing stages of clinical trials have the added benefit of being more efficient and patient friendly to trial participants while contributing to the real world patient focused understanding of the sponsor’s candidate medicine otherwise gathered in isolated clinical or research settings.

We will continue to develop and expand in this exciting area as the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) unfolds and more and more of our clients come to realise the enormous potential of such technology-derived novelty.