i3 Consult Launches Business Operations in East Africa


Healthcare investment In the East African region has grown year-on-year in the past decade. The opportunities in the region are enormous, with a regional capital demand for the sector beyond $10 billion. Although no East African country has met the Abuja Declaration target of spending at least 15 percent of its GDP on its healthcare, Rwanda nonetheless is on course, financing 7.5 percent of its GDP on health services, followed by Uganda at 7.2 percent, Kenya 6 percent and Tanzania at 5.6 percent. This stark reality is counteracted by growing challenges associated with increasing incomes, one of the youngest workforces by region in the world, as well as changing consumer preferences for better healthcare provision and affordable healthcare insurance cover. The healthcare space in the East African region requires consultancy service providers like i3 Consult who can bring together experts across multiple verticals in the 4Ps of the healthcare space – pharma, provider, payor and of course patient segments. i3 Consult has therefore set up office in Nairobi, Kenya to be able to step into these verticals and provide global as well as localised solutions in its quest to change the healthcare landscape in sub-Saharan Africa for the better while finding strong financial returns. Our East Africa regional office will be spearheaded by our regional Business Development Manager, Brian Kosgei who will bring in a wealth of both local and global knowledge and expertise.