Changes to our website

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i3 Consult is proud to announce the launch of new content for As shown on our i3 Services page, this launch is to reflect our new service offer of greater niche consultancy solutions for  “4Ps” sectors of the healthcare business space – Provider e.g. hospital, clinic or clinical trial site, Pharma e.g. pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences entities who design and make new medicines, Payer e.g. insurance and government schemes which cover the costs of medicines and of course Patients, who have become the most important component in this patient centric market driven by healthcare outcomes. This new select range of capabilities has impacted positively on our core services. However we remain committed as ever before to our mantra of “i3” being our big three “i”s in our business model – Integrated Intelligence for the healthcare Industry and with this we continue to deliver great results for our healthcare, pharma and life science clients! . Building on this core service, we’ve added new ways to help clients access data, gain success critical insights, with the leverage of advanced analytics, design capabilities, and a range of game changing software solutions. Additionally as shown on the i3 Sample Projects page, it is revealed in detailed case study samples how i3 Consult is committed to delivering added value and accountable results to our clients. Visit today and discover how our core team of experts & our 200000+ network can empower your organisation to implement change, build capabilities and transform in this competitive healthcare business space!

We hope you like the changes, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by e-mailing us. If you’d like to stay connected on social media, follow us on Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

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Dr. Wallace Macindoe,
CEO & Founder of i3 Consult.
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