The 2018 Shenzhen – Philadelphia Healthcare Investment and Strategy Conference

We are proud to announce our involvement in a landmark healthcare conference recently held January 16 in Shenzhen, China – The 2018 Shenzhen – Philadelphia Healthcare Investment and Strategy Conference. Healthcare, pharmaceutical, IT, and educational entities big and small gathered from wide and far for a conference hosted by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce and the Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade and was organized by the U.S. non-profit organization Cipher Ground to introduce Philadelphia’s investment environment and policies and to promote the exchange and cooperation in health care between China and the United States. As presented here, the turnout was a huge success, culminating in as many as 200 or so international delegates with representation also from big pharma e.g. GSK. As for the Chinese delegation, the conference attracted hundreds of participants from more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide: well-known enterprises such as Huawei, BGI, Jiangsu Yingbao Holding Group, and HTHS Capital attended the meeting and presented talks. The meeting also invited Professor Xu Zhongwei, the key representative of the world’s first gene therapy drug Car-T technology, to present the latest medical technology information. For more information please visit