The Status and Future of African Healthcare




A timely report on the status of healthcare in the African continent drawing on research findings from international healthcare stakeholders such as WHO, the African Development Bank and the World Bank. The report profiles the healthcare landscape in the African continent as a whole, identifying epidemiological indicators as a check on both development and healthcare outcomes in Africa. A focus of crisis diseases such as HIV, the Ebola virus and tuberculosis is warranted as even to this day they remain the greatest of healthcare challenges in Africa. The report argues for a change of strategy in national governments of the region moving away from the vertical focus of healthcare expenditure on epidemiological threats to the horizontal focus of long term infrastructure investments such as modernisation of maternity clinics and drastic improvements in sanitation and hygiene of water works and sewerage systems. Finally the impetus for change as in any healthcare system has to come from the financial providers of it and indeed African healthcare will see major changes for the better as it moves away from high dependency continent on foreign aid to a low dependency one thus ushering in home made economic and technological solutions to its own healthcare challenges.


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